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Specialty Peels


Benefit Peel - $125

Brightening and Lightening antioxidant peel for all skin types (L-Retinol10%, Vitamin C 20%, salicylic acid1% ) 

Good for photodamage, rosacea, hypersensitive, aging and breakout-prone skin. This powerful antioxidant peel delivers vital nutrients deep within the skin's layers to gently stimulate collagen production and has the brightening, lightening and healing benefits of vitamin C. Repairs, nourishes and protects-simply the best all around peel available.

Series of six $600


Purity_before Purity_after

Purity Peel - $150 or $250 includes pre & post care kits

All acne grade, including oily, enlarged pores, hyperpigmentation (L-Retinol 10%, salicylic acid 4.75%, L-TCA 4.25% ) 

(The skin is suggested 1-2 weeks advance preparation prior to application)

what to expect:1-3 days recovery. Mild to no peeling, a feeling of tightness and dryness with slight redness.

This detoxifying, deep epidermal peel uses a unique blend of acids to penetrate excess oil, decongest pores and clarify oily, impure and blemish-prone skin. It clears the skin of blemishes and heals acne lesion, reduces inflammation and encourages healthy exfoliation to reveal a glowing, dewy complexion.  

Series of six $750


Timeless Peel - $250 or $350 includes pre & post care kits

Dramatically reduce visible signs of aging, pigmentation and acne scar( L-Retinol 30%, L-Lactic acid 20% ) 

(The skin needs 10-30 days advance preparation prior to application. Ethnic skin types need to add lightening serum to the prep)

What to expect: 3-5 days recovery and light to moderate peeling.

Our very best highly concentrated peel dramatically reduces the visible signs of aging , pigmentation and acne scarring with proven results. This enormously effective deep peel works to restore growth of healthy, young skin cells, increase cell turnover and removes layers of dead skin. It also increases the skin's moisture level to give an age-defying, smooth textured complexion.

Series of Four $900


Pre & Post Peel Guidelines

Pre Peel Instructions :

•  Discontinue use products containing Acids, Retin A and Any prescription creams or gels at least three days prior to peel.

•  Avoid chemical peels, microdermabrasion, waxing, laser hair removal, electrolysis, IPLs, depilatory creams, hair chemical(highlighting,coloring,perm) and sun exposure for at least two weeks.

•  Accutant needs to stop for one year before any peel.

Post Peel Instructions:

•  Avoid direct sunlight for 72 hours

•  Sunscreen should be reapplied every two hours

•  No waxing/hair removal for two week

•  Limit exercise for 24 hours

•  No exfoliating products for one week

•  No picking

•  Drink at least eight glasses of water daily.

•  Follow your esthetician's post care instructions.

Your Guide to Corrective Exfoliation

What is a Peel?
According to CosMedix co-founder Bettylou McIntosh, “peels” include “a wide range of exfoliating procedures that produce a post-procedure peeling effect on the skin.” While their contents and intensity may vary, the ultimate goal of any peel is the removal of the skin's outer layer of primarily dead cells and the stimulation of collagen and elastin to tighten and firm the healthy layer beneath. When performed properly, this procedure can effectively diminish the appearance of wrinkles, age spots, blemishes and more with little to no trauma to healthy skin cells.

The key to a successful treatment lies in the peel's contents, says McIntosh. Using natural, chirally correct ingredients—ingredients filtered in their most elemental form to contain only the purest, skin-safe molecules—CosMedix peels work with the skin to prompt the renewal process. “With CosMedix peels, there really is no true peeling, but a mild sloughing of the skin.” This process—known as metabolic peeling—achieves dramatic results without the irritation and consequent recovery time of a true chemical peel.

Is a Peel Right for Me?
Practically any adult can benefit from a peel. Whether you're looking to correct a specific skin concern, defy your age or simply refresh your complexion, a CosMedix peel can be customized to fit your needs. Before you schedule an appointment, your skin care provider will assess your skin to see which peel is right for you. By identifying certain key traits—such as skin density and natural hydration—your physician or aesthetician can better determine the appropriate peel type, depth and duration for your skin.

“Peels can vary in intensity, from very superficial like Pomegranate Peel, to deep epidermal exfoliation like that of Purity Peel or a traditional Jessner's peel, to a mid-depth dermal peel like Timeless Peel or a traditional TCA peel,” explains McIntosh. Your specific skin concern, along with your skin care provider's assessment, will help establish the most effective solution for you.

What Are the Possible Side Effects?
While the side effects of traditional peels can range from minor discomfort and inflammation to post-peel pigmentation and increased skin sensitivity, “CosMedix peels minimize such reactions through advanced ingredient technology,” says McIntosh. “It's all in the formula.”

In addition to using chirally correct, natural ingredients, CosMedix peels contain exclusive, state-of-the-art compounds, including encapsulated retinol, which are designed to affect change with minimum trauma. In the case of encapsulated retinol, retinol—the industry's most popular peeling ingredient—is combined with arabino-galactan protein conjugates from red wine. By adding these conjugates to retinol, CosMedix is able to sidestep the ingredient's signature irritation while delivering its full rejuvenating benefits.

Do I Need to Prep Before a Peel?
Depending on the type of peel and your skin care provider's recommendations based on your skin assessment, pre-peel prep may or may not be required. CosMedix has developed two lines of peels based on the depth of penetration. Ranging from superficial to deep epidermal depth, Today's Peels are designed to refresh and exfoliate the skin without prior preparation. While your physician or aesthetician may suggest additional steps based on individual needs, these gentle yet effective peels can often be applied at your convenience to help correct blemishing, skin discoloration, hypersensitivity and mild photodamage. Medium-depth dermal peels, like Tomorrow's Peels, however, require a ten-day, at-home, pre-treatment regimen. Designed to correct the damage done yesterday, Tomorrow's Peels are ideal for minimizing the visible signs of aging.

What Can I Expect After My Peel?
Post-peel recovery has typically been one of the treatment's biggest drawbacks. Before such breakthroughs as chiral correction and metabolic peeling, a particularly unforgiving peel might mean spending weeks in a vulnerable, post-operative state. However, thanks to advancements in peel technology, you can now enjoy your rejuvenated skin sooner.

“Traditional peel recovery can take as long as one to two weeks,” explains McIntosh. “CosMedix peels range from virtually no downtime, in the case of Today's Peels, to five to seven days for Tomorrow's Peels.”

CosMedix further diminishes an otherwise grueling recovery process with a collection of after-care products designed to minimize post-peel side effects and reinforce the treatment's results. In addition to providing professional UV protection—a must for any peel—these products help calm the skin, combat inflammation and neutralize skin-damaging free radicals to ensure your renewed complexion endures.

Your Seven Day Post-Peel Forecast

What to Expect After a Tomorrow's Peel:

Day 1: Skin may appear pink and feel tight. You may also experience mild swelling.

Day 2: Tightness and swelling start to subside. You may notice slight flaking around the nose and mouth as dead skin starts to slough away.

Day 3: You should experience less tightening and more flaking as dead skin continues to slough off, particularly while cleansing.

Day 4: Continue cleansing to hasten the removal of dead skin.

Day 5: Most heavy peeling should be over. Your skin care professional may recommend a mild exfoliating mask like CosMedix's Pure Enzymes to remove any remaining dead skin.

Day 6: By now, you should notice a clearer, smoother looking complexion with little to no flaking.

Day 7: Enjoy your renewed complexion.


* All Therapists are NY State Licensed

* We require a 24 hour cancellation notice

* Please inform you technician if you are pregnant, have injuries, are using retin A, accutane, or have had laser or plastic surgery


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